Smart programmable sensors by Sick

Posted 1 February 2018
sensori programmabili Sick AppSpace

The programmable sensors of the Sick AppSpace eco-system provide systems integrators and OEMs the freedom and flexibility to develop application software for specific tasks directly on the sensors. Sick AppSpace combines software and hardware and consists of two elements: the programmable Sick sensors and Sick AppStudio, a development system for applications.

The flexible architecture and the programmable devices allow data to be generated for cloud services as part of Industry 4.0, representing a major step toward the digital future. The software is installed on the sensor and can transmit information directly, evolving the support for quality control, traceability and predictive maintenance. The sensors can communicate with the cloud either directly or via a Sensor integration machine (SIM).

Binary assessments, such as ‘yes or no’ and ‘good or bad’, are being replaced by the development of individual applications and customized solutions meeting customer’s individual requirements, based on the intelligent evaluation of a wide variety of data. Sick AppSpace will thus allow the availability of industrial production processes to be taken onto a completely new level.

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