Seven axis painting robot from Dürr 4.0 ready

Posted 14 December 2017
painting robot seven-axis Dürr

Dürr launched the EcoRP E043i seven-axis robot for automotive painting, allowing operations without linear displacement rail, saving on investments and space consumption. The third robot generation from Dürr offers a greater kinematic freedom with its seventh rotary axis, enlarging the work zone, and it can often be used instead of a solution with linear displacement rail. The seventh axis is directly incorporated in the robot’s kinematic chain, increasing flexibility and versatility, and improving access to many areas, particularly in interior painting, avoiding collisions with the vehicle.

The six-axis variants are still available in the Dürr’s product range, and the seven-axis system works together with the six-axis EcoRP E/L033i that in addition to painting can also serve as lid opener, in interior paint applications. Many details on the outer contours of the new robot generation facilitate maintenance and repair operations, reducing up to 50% the time required for replacing integrated pneumatic, control-system or high-voltage components. Color changer and dosing pump are mounted on the robot’s front arm, thereby permitting rapid color changes with little paint loss and low flushing-agent consumption. Paint robots of this new generation can be placed anywhere in the room, for example installed on the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling or at an angle in the paint booth.

The new and optimized EcoRCMP2 control system ensures that the robot moves along the car body in a uniform way and with even more harmonious painting paths. The control platform combines numerous sensors and actuators belonging to the paint robot and the superordinate maintenance or control systems. An integrated interface makes the robot ‘cloud ready’, providing all relevant data to meet current and future demands in the Industry 4.0 environment.

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