Sapphire fiber Laser Research for laser windows

Posted 13 July 2017
Fibra di zaffiro Laser Research Optics

Laser Research Optics, a division of Meller Optics, introduces a line of sapphire fiber cover glass windows and lenses for industrial cutting lasers. The sapphire windows are more durable than fused silica, reducing the need for cover glass changes. Laser Research Sapphire fiber laser windows feature Moh 9 hardness, second only to diamond, and have A/R coatings on both sides to provide transmission of >99,5% at 1,06 micron, with >90% at 650-670 nm.

Highly polished, the sapphire windows are ideally suited as debris shields on 1064 nm cutting lasers, permitting less frequent cover glass lens changes. The sapphire fiber windows are capable of withstanding steel splatter, flash and debris, feature a 10-5 scratch-dig finish and provide 1/4 wave transmitted wavefront, available in 1/2” to 2” sizes. Sapphire C-Plane windows coated on one or two sides are also offered. Pricing and quotation, according to size and quantity, are available upon request.

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