Lube-free stainless steel roller chains by Iwis

Posted 17 January 2018
catene inox b.dry Iwis Antriebssysteme

Iwis drive systems introduces the b.dry stainless steel roller chains that run completely dry and lube-free, extremely wear resistant and withstanding high dynamic goals. The corrosion resistant roller chains are ideal for use in aggressive environments, and applications with water and steam or subject to strict cleaning regulations.

The high-performance plastic friction bearings in the links provide maintenance-free properties, and the sleeves, made from a high-performance polymer, are heavy-duty, low-friction and FDA-compliant. In a dry state, the chains are also free from paint wetting impairment substances. The stainless steel bushes are thin-walled, seamless and ball-drifted. The CF base chain is made from austenitic stainless steel, making it highly resistant to aggressive media.

The temperature range is from -100 to +200° C, offering a wear life significantly longer than that of traditional lubricated chains. The chains are also available as roller chains with attachments or extended pins. Custom-developed chains and ANSI chains are also available on request.

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