Large format fiber laser cutting from Salvagnini

Posted 25 January 2018
taglio laser lamiera grandi formati Salvagnini

Salvagnini Group is expanding its product range with the L3-6020 system for fiber laser cutting of large format metal sheet. As a result of extensive experience in the field, L3-6020 is able to process sheet metal of a maximum length of 6.096 mm and maximum width of 2.032mm, while retaining the features of the smaller L3 models: high speed and great flexibility over an extremely wide range of materials and thicknesses.

The load-bearing beam principle, with lightened airplane manipulator, patented by Salvagnini and revisited and implemented here as well, guarantees an extremely rigid structure, as well as speed, precise positioning and wide and easy access to the whole work area. Maximum accessibility and ergonomic design are taken care of, ensuring safe operations and total visibility of the working area to operators. The L3-6020 is equipped with single optics head that provided high-quality cutting across the whole range of workable thicknesses, assuring rapid production changes by eliminating adjustment times. The patented Dry cooling technology cools the optics without the use of gas or liquids, offering real-time control of the lens temperature.

The solution is natively embedded with two cutting functions, in order to best suit different production requirements: Standard mode, that guarantees greater safety in unmanned manufacturing, and PowerCut, that offers reactivity and greater operational speed. Both functions can be easily activated using a toggle switch.





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