Field distribution AC vector drives Nord Drivesystems

Posted 14 June 2017
azionamenti distribuiti Nordac Link Nord Drivesystems

Nord Drivesystems introduces the Nordac Link series of field distribution AC vector drives and motor starters, offering plug-in connectors and extensive monitoring functions. The coded plug-in connectors for power, communications, sensors and actuators enable fast and safe installation and commissioning. LEDs indicating switching states, operation modes and signal states allow to diagnose errors directly on site.

Maintenance and control switches on the device facilitate plant servicing and system set-up, and integrated functionality ranges from rotary encoder support and brake management to PI control and sequence control through an integrated PLC. The drives feature a high overload capacity, and enable precise control of either asynchronous or synchronous motors, reliably delivering full torque even at zero speed. The devices also provide extensive monitoring functions, to protect the mains, the motor and the driven machine, and power supply can be daisy-chained from one drive to the next, reducing cabling efforts and costs.

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