Electric motors, Orange1 acquires Sicme Motori

Posted 3 July 2017
acquisizione Sicme Motori Orange1 Holding

Acquisition finalized by the Italian Orange1 Holding of the Turin-based Sicme Motori, a leading company in vectorial and synchronous electric motors. The operation is the 13th acquisition of Orange1 Holding and its president Armando Donazzan, a few months after the acquisition of Magnetic (September 2016) and Mado (January 2017), with the aim of increasing the 2017 revenue up to 170 million euro. Sicme Motori has a revenue of 18 million euro and 90 employees, it was founded in 1967 and produces AC motors, variable speed and high quality DC motors, renewed around the world for its high quality and product technology.

Since 2002 the company has been cooperating actively with the Institute of Electrical engineering of the Polytechnic of Turin, and is today a world’s large producer of wind generators. Since 2008 Sicme has developed motors with ASR technology, and in 2014 developed an innovative range of synchronous reluctance motors IE4 with a specific patent. The product range includes asynchronous motors up to 3.700 Kw, synchronous motors up to 2.700 Kw, hydroelectric generators up to 3.000 Kw, mini-wind generators up to 200 Kw an wind turbines up to 5.000 Kw. Among many projects, the company developed and built the motor wheels for the Rover robot which landed on Mars.

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