Digital twin automation with DMG Mori and Heitec

Posted 29 January 2018
digital twin automazione joint venture DMG Mori Heitec

DMG Mori and Heitec strengthened their successful collaboration over the past years combining their know-how in the joint venture DMG Mori Heitec, to offer advanced automation solutions setting the goal of developing a digital twin. Around 600 employees at the Heitec group, of the more 1.000 working, are already working on automation solutions, and one in four new machines from DMG Mori is already provided with an automation solution.

In the future, every machine shall be fitted with automation on the basis of a modular system. By modular-based compatible solutions, DMG Mori Heitec, based in Erlangen, will supply small and medium-sized companies with an integrated automation concept. In particular, the development of a virtual representation of the machines, plants, robot applications and material flows, a digital twin, will ensure a software-based support for engineering processes, in order to reduce costs while increasing productivity.

With the aid of digital engineering, project lead times can be cut by around 20%, and commissioning on site can be even more reduced by up to 80%. In addition, future additions or changes can be planned and tested with the digital twin running in parallel to the live operation. In the future, the joint venture also plans automation standards for a broad range of customers sectors, and the realization of customized projects specifically for medium-sized companies.

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