Consolidated revenues Fidia 2016 and investments

Posted 13 June 2017
risultati finanziari Fidia I semestre 2016

Fidia closed the 2016 with consolidated net revenues at 58,8 million euros, a decrease by 2,4% compared with 60,3 million achieved in 2015. The electronic sector CNC recorder revenues of 4,6 million euros, an increase of 3,3% over 2015, and the mechanical sector HSM registered revenues for 41,5 million, a decrease of 1,8% compared to 2015. The after sale service business (service) recorded revenues for 12,7 million euros. Ebitda has been 4,3 million euros, group net profit has been 2,4 million and net financial position negative by 7,4 million euros. Order entry was 42,5 million euros in 2016, and order back-log was 14,6 million.

Fidia invested 4,6 million euros in 2016 in property investments, for the acquisition of the new headquarter of Fidia Co in the USA and the progression of the new production plant of Fidia Spa in Forlì, Italy. The company is expecting incoming benefits of the financial efforts made in 2016, and is looking forward to leverage on incoming opportunities at a global level, thanks to its constantly growing international exposure and the appreciation of its strategy accorded by the financial markets. The parent company Fidia Spa closed the financial year 2016 with revenues for 43,4 million euros, with a decrease by 11,5% vs 2015, net profit of 2,2 million euros and net financial position negative by 13,8 million euros.

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