CFD design exploration automated with Siemens PLM

Posted 16 October 2017
esplorazione progettuale Siemens simulazione CFD

The v12.04 of the Star-CCM+ software by Siemens PLM introduces two new integrated features, enabling automated product design exploration in CFD simulations and optimization. The Design Manager module allows users to easily explore multiple design options within their CFD simulations, leveraging the all-in-one platform, automated meshing, pipelined workflow and accurate physics in Star-CCM+. This helps to overcome the complexities that have historically prevented many from using CFD simulations. Engineers can thus automatically explore design options evaluating variations in geometry and operating conditions, and the module is included with every instance of Star-CCM+ v12.04.

The Star-Innovate add-on integrates new optimization functions, using the proven design optimization technology found in Heeds software, obtained as part of Siemens’ 2016 acquisition of CD-adapco, now part of the company’s Simcenter portfolio. Thanks to Star-Innovate, users can perform single and multiple-objective studies, to intelligently search the design space. The feature also provides stochastic analysis helping engineers to determine the sensitivity of their simulation predictions to small changes in input parameters, such as manufacturing tolerances on a critical dimension or fluctuations in boundary conditions values.

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