Cable laying extremely fast Kabelschlepp

Posted 21 February 2017
alloggiamento cavi rapido EasyTrax Kabelschlepp

The cable carriers in the EasyTrax series from Kabelschlepp allow extremely fast cable laying, by simply pressing cables and hoses into the flexible lamella crossbars. With no tools required, EasyTrax allows to fill up to 1 m of cable carrier in less than a second, saving on installation costs. The flexible crossbars swivel sideways, and not into the cable space, ensuring a very high fill level, and a divider system including eight separations offers reliable separation of the cables, both in horizontal and vertical. The smooth surfaces of the chain compartment protect the flexibles.

EasyTrax cable carrier is realized in 2K-technology, which combines rigid chain bodies made of GRP material with flexible crossbars, made of flexible special plastic, combining stability and flexibility. It results in higher additional load than with similar cable carriers of this size. The sturdy design ensures high torsional rigidity and supports extensive unsupported lengths, and the link joint system delivers high side stability. The cable carrier is also quiet during operation, thanks to integrated noise damping, and is available with inner eights from 4,6 to 31 mm, and inner widths from 7 to 78 mm.

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