Additive manufacturing, partnership EOS and Audi

Posted 29 June 2017
produzione additiva accordo EOS Audi

Audi and EOS signed a development partnership focused on a holistic approach for metal-based additive manufacturing. The EOS consulting division Additive Minds will support Audi with systems, processes and knowledge building for the implementation of industrial 3D technology and the development of a corresponding 3D printing center in its Ingolstadt facility. Audi will first apply additive manufacturing in equipment and prototype building, as well as motor sports, where the technology is already in use today. Thanks to the 3D printing the automotive constructor will then be able to revolutionize the process of tool manufacturing, especially in case of very complicated component geometry or assembly, making it possible the production of geometries that would have to be joined in conventional manufacturing.

The competence center for 3D printing will help gain experience with the materials and the process, to further develop them for series production. The 3D technology enables to integrate internal structures and functions in tools not possible to be created with conventional manufacturing methods, using lightweight construction especially in components in small batches, quickly and economically. Audi is also focusing on the production of inserts for die casting molds and hot working segments, reducing costs and cycle time by 20%, positively influencing the process of series production by conformal cooling, using highly complex, additively manufactured cooling channels, which are tailored to components and could not be implemented conventionally before.

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